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Claire is available to give retreats and workshops on request and will work with you to design an event appropriate to your group, organization or community. In September 2016, she gave a three-day retreat to the clergy from the Diocese of Bangor with their Bishop, Andy John. At the end, speaking on behalf of the group, Rev Angela Williams said the following:

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Claire, you are an awesome and formidable person, who commands respect and nurtures discipline in people. It certainly requires such skills in order to hold a group such as this together. You are professional and we want to thank you for encouraging us to push new boundaries. For some of us, this has taken us out of our comfort zones and has been a little scary, challenging, or even difficult, I guess, but I always say that the Holy Spirit comes to comfort the disturbed and to disturb the comfortable.

Your words this morning have resonated with all of us, in terms of the reality of what it is we offer in our church services, against the quest for spirituality in our society. You have certainly challenged us to start on a journey of re-imagining the Divine in self, church and the world, not from a selfish perspective, but in order to enable us to be more effective in serving God and the world.

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