Exploring how we can connect with a sense of the sacred in every day life. We will approach the them from a religious, spiritual and secular point of view, asking how can we relate to the body as sacred?

What does it really mean for the body to be a temple?  How can we honour all the uses of our bodies, and accept their sacred nature with both their potential and their physical limitations?

We describe sex as love-making, pointing to something that touches the soul, but does our culture honour sex as something that is a natural and sacred part of life?

What is the real nature of masculine and feminine principles?  Can we honour both the masculine and feminine in ourselves, and in all of life?  How can those principles best be lived in 21st century society? 






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St Ethelburga's Centre for Reconciliation and Peace

78 Bishopsgate
LondonEC2N 4AG
United Kingdom

Fees: Full price £ 11.00 / Concession (Student and unemployed) £8.00 / Full price and donation £12.00