Led by Claire Henderson Davis, creator and director of Passion, dance artist, theologian and author of After the Church: Divine Encounter in a Sexual Age (Canterbury Press, 2007) (www.clairehendersondavis.com) and, Angela Reith, freelance musician, music therapist, writer and film-maker (www.naturalvoice.net/angela_reith).

"I have been a participant in two such events, so have some sense of how well they work and how moving and involving participants find them to be." - Rowan Williams

The performance piece, Passion – a contemporary journey to the cross, comes out of a contemporary re-imagining of the divine.  This workshop offers participants a more in-depth opportunity to explore this vision using movement, music, silence and words, with opportunities for discussion and conversation.  The framework is drawn from Christianity in dialogue with depth psychology.  We look at four faces of God, relating them to the characters in the piece:  God the Mother, God the Father, God the Lover and God the Beloved.  The aim is to offer entry to a contemporary vision and practice of human flourishing through this re-imagining of divine life.

The workshop lasts four hours with a tea/coffee break half way, and is open to a maximum of 24 participants.

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The Passion Workshop